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Primaries of WA provide a range of financial services tailored to assist growers market their wool and livestock. These services relate specifically for the purchase of livestock and the short term financing often needed prior to the sale of wool. The services are as follows:

Livestock Resale Accounts (Seasonal Finance)

Clients wishing to increase their existing stock numbers or to trade livestock can arrange for the payment of purchases to be delayed until their wool and/or livestock is sold or, alternatively paid back at a maximum period of 6 months.

Shearing Advances

Shearing advances are intended to provide short to medium term finance to cover shearing costs and other carry on expenses. Primaries offer up to $250 per bale on a secured interest bearing basis.

Interest Free Reciprocal Advances

Reciprocal advances are provided only on a short term basis of up to three months from the date of the advance until the sale of the wool. The funds advanced to the grower for shearing purposes are then reciprocally lent back to Primaries once the wool has been sold.  The wool proceeds are held for same period of time the advance was outstanding. No interest is involved with this form of advance.

For further information on any of these products please contact Richard Campbell on 08 9412 8824.

Ruralco Finance

In addition to the finance provided directly by Primaries, we are also able to offer our clients a comprehensive range of financial services provided by Ruralco Finance. Primaries has a dedicated staff member (Craig Milverton) who operates as an accredited independent broker under the Ruralco Finance licence, specialising in agribusiness and commercial business finance lending.

Through Ruralco Finance, we are able to offer clients access to finance from an extensive panel of lenders, which gives Primaries the ability to source and tailor the best financial package to suit our customer’s needs.

Please contact Craig Milverton (0400 360 868) or visit the Ruralco Finance web site for further information.